Bachelor's Degree's Online Informative sessions

We invite you to talk, through your computer, with a current student of La Salle

November 19th

February 11th

April 7th

We invite you to talk, through your computer, with a current degree student of La Salle Campus Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull, to whom you can ask about his/her experience: how are the classes, the first course, peers and teachers, companies where to practices, international projects we collaborate... and how is life on campus.

You will know how are the laboratories where you will do the practices, and university services: sports facilities, library, study rooms, cultural institutions, student clubs ... and the new Campus residence. We will tell you about our career services, universities and national and international companies with whom we collaborate.

The Admissions Department will introduce you the program of scholarships and grants available (49% of the students in our university degrees get one) and financing possibilities. Our aim is that all candidates who wish to study in La Salle, once they meet the entry requirements and pass the admission process, can access our university. Hence, each case and request will be analyzed individually.

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  • What do you need to get on line with the Informative Sessions?

    1. A PC with broadband connection.
    2. To have your loudspeakers or headphones on.

    How to connect to the Informative Sessions?

    1. Request an informative session indicating which program you would like to inform.
    2. We'll send you a link in which you will be able to connect without downloading any special program.
    3. Introduce your name to enter as a guest.